Help us create safe places in a world that can feel unsafe

‘Here’s to the future, to speaking to the broken, the lonely, the outcasts, the scared, to those who don’t know how valuable they are, those who feel stigmatised. We’re not coming with patronising messages or black or white answers but with love, reaching out our hand to grab yours, to walk alongside you for a while and whisper into your ears how precious you are and that you are made in the image of God. You are enough. You belong and you will discover treasure in those scars. Let’s embrace integrity, risk-taking and authenticity. Bring on the wrestling – it’s time for a new journey to begin.’

People are struggling with uncertainty and worry over health, finance and the future – added to now by the situation in Ukraine, the rise in the cost of living, and ongoing COVID-19 unease. More than ever, we all need safe and supportive spaces to flourish and grow and we want to help more people.

Thank you for signing up to support Kintsugi Hope at one of our Mental Health Friendly Church Events