Help create a Brighter Day for someone struggling with their mental health. 

What do the wellbeing groups try to achieve?

‘Here’s to the future, to speaking to the broken, the lonely, the outcasts, the scared, to those who don’t know how valuable they are, those who feel stigmatised. We’re not coming with patronising messages or black or white answers but with love, reaching out our hand to grab yours, to walk alongside you for a while and whisper into your ears how precious you are and that you are made in the image of God. You are enough. You belong and you will discover treasure in those scars. Let’s embrace integrity, risk-taking and authenticity. Bring on the wrestling – it’s time for a new journey to begin.’

What can my donation achieve?

£10 can help fund 2 people to attend a Kintsugi Hope wellbeing group session, where they will find connection and community, and feel less isolated and lonely.

£20 can help us develop digital and printed suicide prevention resources - so people know they are not alone and there's somewhere they can turn for help.

£35 can help 1 church leader attend our bespoke training for churches, via our Mental Health Friendly Church project.

£100 can help us develop our bespoke Groups Management System so that Group Leaders can easily find resources they need for their groups.

Thank you!

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If you prefer to give via Stewardship, you can do that here:

For a one-off gift you  could send a cheque to our offices, made payable to Kintsugi Hope

Kintsugi Hope c/o Reprohouse, Drakes Lane, Boreham, Essex, CM3 3BE

For regular donations you could set up a Standing Order via your bank  - contact [email protected] directly if you would like assistance with this.